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 You might not be into sports, but there is no way you could have missed on this name. The original giant of sports and fitness gear in the world, Adidas is synonymous with comfort, high performance and sturdy quality. With a repute of over 60 years, this company initially designed Adidas shoes and later diversified into a plethora of sporting and fitness gear. Best Known For : Adidas is famous for their running shoes, specialized shoes for sports like soccer, tennis, cricket, eye wear , sports apparel, caps, bags and watches. The collection for both sexes is extremely versatile, bright and of supreme quality. Adidas sandals and Adidas tracksuits are also popular. Adidas Originals sport collections, bags and jackets for men have become a benchmark of highest quality.


 In 1925, in the small German village of Herzogenaurach, the simple three stripes were brought to life by Adolf "Adi" Dassler. He created Adidas after realizing the need and potential for high performance athletic shoes. The journey began with production of soccer and running shoes and gained momentum over the years. By the mid-1930s Dassler was making 30 different shoes for eleven sports, and had a workforce of almost 100 employees After the tumultuous Second World War, he made a fresh start. In 1947, with 47 workers, Adi Dassler began putting into practice the knowledge gained from the pre-war period and some new concepts. In 1948 he introduced Adidas as the company name, a combination of his own first and last name. One year later he registered the - till today - unmistakable 'ËœThree Stripes'. The breakthrough came for Adi Dassler when Germany won the Soccer World Cup in 1954. In the legendary final match against Hungary, the German team wore boots with screw-in studs produced by Adidas. The feud between the two Dassler brothers gave rise to two major companies in the sports world: Adidas and Puma. Later Adidas ventured into shoes for other sports, apparel and other products.

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