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About Us


We are two normal guys working on a dream to solve the problem of consumers trying to find the best stores and collection nearby. Basically we want to create a platform for consumers to reach retailers and for retailers to be present with the Right Product at the Right Place and at the Right Time! 
To give our background we are both US returned post graduates and have gotten a flavour of customer care in the developed market and wish to replicate that in Indian setting knowing the differences and similarities in both the consumers’ tastes. 
As compared to other startup stories, our ideas didn’t start while drinking beer, this was thought over coffee (in fact Café Coffee Day) . Both of us being Sindhis and knowing each other for the past 15 years, made starting a company a little bit easy. 
The idea came into fruition due to problem faced by one of the founder’s wife who while buying bridal wear for her wedding had to ask her friends and family for advice, which did not give her the right suggestion about store, collection or price. Online was no help at all, as information of stores were scattered and collection wasn’t present. 
We realized that there is no way to check out collection of dresses online from these local retailers with their prices and then visit stores to get special offers. You can find theatre, restaurants and electronic shops nearby, only major thing missing is fashion stores. We realized a person can find everything on his phone except for the nearby fashion stores and its collection.
We saw a market gap and opportunity of Glocal marketing and omni channel retailing for these vast stores with excellent collection, competitive prices and ease of shopping experience.
Thus, we created Stylemelon, a Mumbai based company being in fashion discovery business since January 2016, because clothes are more than a way to cover yourself, it is way to show your personality and your style. When life gives you Melons, you should make a Fashionable Melonade out of it!
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